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A Listing of Our Food & Menus

We have a policy of not running with standard menus or standard 'dishes'.
Our menus change according to market availability of produce, and to the season. Details of menus listed here then are samples only of menus which have been arranged for previous bookings.
We can tailor-make a menu for you if you wish.


Cream of Red Pepper & Tomato

Cream of Asparagus

Cream of Broccoli

Cream of Mushroom

Cream of Sweet Potato

Cream of Leek & Celery with Stilton

Leek & Potato



Chicken & Leek


Cream of Chicken

Scotch Broth


Classic Prawn Cocktail with Prawns and dressing rested on a bed of salad leaves

Feta Cheese Salad, with feta on a salad leaves layer, accompanied by grapes and olives

Stuffed Tomato, with tomatos filled with cream cheese, served with salad and garnished with chives

Sweet Pear & Fruits, a William Pear surrounded by seasonal fruits and drizzled with a liquer of your choice

Melon & Fruits, melon balls drizzled with Cointreau, and accompanied by a selection of seasonal fruits


Fillet of Beef, grilled
Rib Eye Steak, pan fried with Drambuie
Sirloin Steak pan fried or grilled
Roast Silverside of Beef, thick cut, served with a Red Wine Gravy

Medallions of Venison served on a bed of redcurrant Sauce
Roast Haunch of Wild Scottish Venison, with a redcurrant Gravy

Chicken Supreme in a Creamy White Wine sauce

Russian Chicken, cooked with Vodka & Mushrooms
Chicken Fillet strips with a Creamy Malibu Sauce
Chicken Breast wrapped in Bacon
Chicken Casserole

Fillet of Pork stuffed with haggis and drizzled with Whisky Sauce
Breast of Duck with a Redcurrant Jus
Breast of Duck with a Plum sauce


Selection of Gateau
Hot Fruits Crumble with apple, berries, grapes, orange, & banana

Our own Clootie Dumpling served hot with ice-cream or custard

Double Cream Vanilla Ice Cream, sprinkled with crumbled chocolate, and drizzled with hot Drambuie

The above dishes are a small selection of the more popular dishes we have served this year. Let us know what dishes you would prefer!
E-mail us with your desired menu preference and we will price it specially - e-mail Ian@silverwellshouse.co.uk

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